Halloween Terrarium
I finally made my own little terrarium! I added tiny spooky props because I live and breathe Halloween all year long. It’s simple to create, inexpensive, and adds a lot of character to your living space.

Here’s what you need to make one:

1. Empty glass container
I got mine at the dollar store (bonus points for pumpkin shape!)

2. Small rocks/pebbles to fill the bottom of the container
Pet stores. Mine are left over from my aquarium.

3. Add a layer of charcoal or activated carbon.
I bought a jar from walmart for 3 bucks. This helps maintain the life of the moss.

4. Add a layer of sphagnum moss so the soil won’t travel to the bottom of the container. Purchased this at the dollar store in a bag, it is dried up though.
Wet the moss separately and squeeze to drain the water. Squish the moss almost like a pancake with your hands and cover the entire surface area on top of the pebbles/charcoal.

5. Add a layer of soil.

6. Add your moss! I found mine in my back yard. Moss thrive in damp environments. Check near rocks, trees, pathways, etc. Best to look on a damp day. Just dig and lift with a butter knife or small shovel

6. Decorate your terrarium! This is where you get creative :)
I picked up the gravestones at Michael’s. Part of the Lemax Spookytown collection. The skull was a part of a necklace from the dollar store and the bones were also from the dollar store. I broke off the arms from a skeleton accessory.

Voila! Now you have your own terrarium :)





"My imagination gets me through the day."


- Pisces (zodiacsociety)

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Halloween is coming 🎃👻💀

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That one time I made Jason Voorhees cupcakes

That one time I made Jason Voorhees cupcakes

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